Thursday, January 17, 2008

Uncharted course

Ok so i been through this game and yeh i'm sold, its gorgeous :). Which game am i referring to, well this lil ps3 game called Uncharted: Drake's fortune, the game is fun no doubt. Must admit when i saw first previews of it i was very skeptical and thought it was a bit off in areas. But these guys shut me up when i played the demo. I was so convinced i bought the game and haven't regretted it since.
The game takes the approach of a hollywood blockbuster film like indiana jones meets national treasure or something where it has ur standard action hero lead a love interest and an old father like figure friend. All movie cliche's aside though the game is fun. It takes elements of game mechanics from other games that worked like gears of war type cover system, and tomb raider-esque adventure and puzzle solving don't worry nothin brain numbing the pacing is great in this game. All the while playing it i felt like i was apart of this great popcorn hollywood blockbuster feature film.
You play as Nathan Drake an explorer and treasure hunter on the path to finding the mythical El DORADO and on your journey you have your friend Sullivan and team up with a reporter named Elena. All three are thrown into an epic adventure as they journey through the game to its epic climax. As mentioned before the game takes the gears of war lead in the duck and cover system and allows you to shield youself behind crates, walls...anything that can basically give shelter from the hail of gunfire coming your way. The enemies are relentless, and come at you from all sides you have to be constantly alert as they will do their best to come around from behind or the sides to flank you. They are smart but not THAT smart. They tend to do stupid things at times like when u throw a grenade they'll stand there and go "Holy crap!!" and just look at the grenade till it inevitably explodes...which i guess is more attuned to comedy. The aiming takes awhile to get used to but works ok, it would help if they had a bit of an aiming assist but after playing it a bit i was picking of head shots like nothing so i take it back. Just play'll get the hang of it...I mean we are gamers right ;). The melee system is fun to pull off, when u rush a bad guy the camera zooms in and u go off into this melee sequence where ur button presses HAVE to be precise, takes some time to get it right but once u got the timing it helps when u run out of ammo in a gun fight.
The graphics in the game are beautiful some of the best i've seen so far on the ps3, trust mi, the water effects were amazing!. The in game cinemas are top notch and the voice acting further ads to good production value and you really get a feel for the personality of the characters. The music is also a great compliment it comes in and excites u right on cue and dies out just as well when the action is over and the sounds effects are meaty...bones crunching, gunfire, explosions all sound nice!! There are couple unlockables and behind the game footage that you can unlock as well as a gallery standard unlockable stuff. It also has four difficulty levels easy, normal, hard and crushing i've finished it on all of em and had a blast "crushing" being the most difficult one made me have to really strategize and man did i get pissed at times trust me!! But all in all good fun and no hard core gamer would want to go through any game and not try the hardest difficulty level once :)
My only issues come in terms of some of the platforming as in navigating and stuff but it was minor like it handled the jumps for you like he just lept to the next ledge like a magnet to steel you know. like there was no real indicator that yeh i could miss this(even though you could) but like i said minor...that and the fact that it was over too quick...but i think thats because i couldn't put it down and it was just damn good. Time flies when your having fun they say. What would have been cool was if they had like an online battle area using the game mechanics, i'd have loved to see how that would have played out. Anyway its a great game and a good addition to your Playstation 3 library and a good game to show off the systems potential. A must have in my case, which is why i guess i have it! :D thats it for now take it easy gamers.

Gash out :)

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