Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lost odessey...LOST innovation?

Well i saw some video footage of the Xbox 360's rpg Lost Odessey, which is from the creator of the renowned final fantasy series Hiranobu Sakaguchi. I must say i wasn't mind you all i did was watch the videos yes, but just by watching the vids of the gameplay i was bored to tears now i know its rpg an all and turn based fighting is a staple of the genre but come on man!! look how far we've come along....Mass effect, Folklore shit even final fantasy 12 on the PS2 has innovated some change and your telling me the best they could come up with for a 4 disc game(yeh that's right FOUR frickin DVD's) is classic turn based fighting!!? I mean ok maybe i'm being harsh but there are ways to make turn based seem pseudo-action like, look at what FF12 did it was turn based but more action like. I mean seriously random battles!?only one character viewable while traversing!? and your characters display this calm relaxed stance when in battle only taking on a battle pose when its their turn to attack? Geeze man come on do better than that man!! please!!
Anyway i just felt the need to vent that little tidbit there for a sec. Just pisses me off that you have this technology at your feet and you gone back to old school basics for gameplay, so all it is, is basically a pretty old school rpg, which i wasn't really counting on....I mean i'm sure even if they redid FF7 they would implement something new to it cuz they know that times have changed and the same old school stuff kinda deterring people. And if is sales u want to increase or pull more fans to the genre then u gotta innovate and find a way to change up the turn based system.
Anyway i'm done ranting cuz its not like i'm gonna be playing that game anyway, later guys.

Gash out :p

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