Monday, January 7, 2008

Wat's it all about?

Ahh ok okaaaay just like to say to anybody out there reading this blog "HI" and welcome to my blog called Game sense, what's it about....well my main target is all you videogame players out there mainly those in Jamaica...which is where i main aim to build a sorta gaming fraternity where players from across my country can link up and trade stories, tips and tricks on games.

I'd also like to dive into game purchases. How do jamaicans get their games? What's the best way to get games out here? Who's the best link for games out here? What's too much to pay for a game or console? What are at the top of Jamaican gamer's list of games to play? Where are the best videogame arcades on the island? Peripheral ratings and if nobody understands that... i mean gaming accessories, if u need em? are they any good? is the price right? etc etc etc.

Questions like this i hope to point out and discover throughout my whole blogging venture here. So feel free to add your gaming sense where you see fit. Cuz its always more fun to play together :)

Gash out.

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