Monday, January 7, 2008

My foray into next gen gaming

Ok, so now i have entered the realm of next gen gaming i been huggin on to ma ps2 for the longest while but i could not hold out any longer and took the plunge and got a PS3 and i haven't regretted it yet. Its amazing what it can the web, download, chat with other users in your network send messages to other players in your network, which is why i need people in Jamaica(if u have a PS3 of course to send me their USer handle on the Playstation network so i can add yah). That way we can run some GAME! :D

It's connectivity is what boggles me i was looking for almost anything i had with a usb to plug into it and most of them worked except my webcam dunno why but i guess sony's pushing their "EYE" peripheral? Anyway i've downloaded demos and stuff and played them some games where impressive some were mediocre and some were basically the same old gen stuff just cleaner graphics. But i'm guessing the era of next gen gaming is still in its incubation stage and still hasn't fully blossomed yet.

I got assassin's creed with my PS3 and i was impressed by the look and the gameplay one thing stuck out like a sore thumb though. The fact that every mission was always the same steps as the previous in terms of: You reach a town find the highest point scan the city get your objectives, which included pickpocketing, rescuing citizens, and even interrogating. Wash rinse and repeat for every to me it was cool the first couple a times but come on!!!

There are like 9 missions after the about the fourth you start going okaaaaaay ummm gimmie something else...the only thing that compels you to batter through the rest of it is the story which u wanna see through to the end. That and the fact that free running just plain kicks ass when u know what ur'e doing :D. Then again there's the ending which was an anti-climax for me but you'll see what i'm talking about when u play it. Judge for yourself.

The game has merit but the potential to be something great is so apparent and the lack to utilize it just tugs at my hearstrings. I hope more is done when the sequel comes out. I look forward to more next gen gaming and what it will bring...whether it be more of the same or something groundbreaking. Till next session...keep on gaming.

Gash out :)

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