Friday, January 11, 2008

The Ninja has left the building

Hey wassup gameheads, late as i am i finally got my hands on Ninja Gaiden Sigma. Man this is one game that doesn't let up. This shit is HAAAAARD!!! and that's only on normal mode. Funny thing though is that once you get used to the mechanics certain things that seemed impossible are extremely doable. This credit goes to the fact that the learning curve is good and the fact that Ryu learns some nifty moves along his quest for vengeance.

Gaiden is the story of Ryu Hayabusa whose village is attacked and the ancient sword the dark dragon is taken and his brethen killed, his village basically gets laid to waste. He gets his ass kicked in the process of trying to save some semblance of what was left. Anyway he regains consciousness and sets out on a quest of vengeance(as noted earlier) to return the dark dragon blade and slice six ways from sunday anybody who gets in his way.

Sigma is a port of the X-box version Ninja Gaiden black but with some extra stuff, along with the fact that it looks soooooo much better due to the rich HD quality. Control is smooth and fluid and in no time you'll have Ryu bouncing off walls and slicing guys heads off. The bosses, though intimidating at first have a general pattern and if studied can be countered and beaten. As the game progresses the fights get crazier the enemies get uglier and bosses get unbelievable, that aside though the game is still fun to play. For casual players i don't recommend jumping into Gaiden unless your ready to handle quite a few game over screens. But for hardcore gamers they will welcome the challenge.

I've played it and beat it on normal and hard and now i'm trying very hard and man am i getting whooped but funny enough i still find myself going back to it. That's the strange thing about gaiden if you love a challenge then you'll keep coming back for more and more. I highly recommend this game to all action junkie's out there, now i hear there's a part 2 exclusively to the x-box 360 and i'm wondering how long it'll take to reach PS3....hrmmmm....guess i'm in for a long ass wait eh? (come ooooon what does exclusive reeeeeeaaally mean these days eh?)

Gash out.

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