Saturday, January 12, 2008

Call to arms

HOLY FREAKIN CRAP!!! yeh that was ma reaction after going through the heart pounding, adrenaline pushing, mind blowing, eye popping game that is Call of Duty 4. Man this is at the top of my list in terms of next gen shooters for me. Yeh yeh yeh i know i'm gonna hear it from pc people that controllers suck for shooters...but read my lips....I don't give a crap...i don't mind it! plus its all i have now so there :P

Anyway as for the game its just awesome the story takes you through the roles of two military operatives the british SAS agent known as "Soap" and this marine dude called Jackson from the US. You play one side then the next until they both come to a joint operation towards the end and it all ends with a nice cinematic bang! The missions are varied and the stages are beautiful. You'll be storming a Tanker ship on one mission, raiding a television station in the next, to freeing an informant on another, the pace is nice and when the action starts its relentless and you really get the feeling that this is how hectic real war would be. Controls are nice and its considerate of them to have an aim assist for us non mouse and keyboard players. Its nicely balanced to still give you freedom and help in a pinch without feeling like a necessary crutch.

The voice acting, music and graphics help to totally immerse players in the environments and story, all are top notch... you can see that the guys at infinityward take pride in what they do, which is refreshing for us gamers to get games of such polish... being that many publishers see fit to put out mediocre crap at times just for a quick buck(booooooo). The main single player campaign isn't that long bout 10-12 hours at max. But fear not that's not where Call of Duty's strength lies.. but rather its in the multiplayer...and trust is robust, multitude of options make this infinitely re playable. What's worst is while you play online you aquire points and unlock new character classes as well as ways to tweak these options to your playing style....which is super sweet.

Yeh i see now why Call of Duty 4 is the shooter to be reckoned with and a top choice for many players out there. All i gotta say is this, any Jamaicans out there who have a copy of this game send me your sign in names on the Playstation Network so i can add you and we can run some matches Online. My add is Negash79...see yah there!

Gash out :)

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