Saturday, January 17, 2009

Getting games not getting robbed

Ok so what i've found (in Jamaica at least) is that if you don't have some foreign connection where someone goes up and gets your games and so forth, you don't really have much of an option to get your games. Yeh we have stores that sells electronic goodies but sometimes the pricing on em just don't translate very well for what they really cost in the real world.
One example of this is when i went to Innovative in Sovereign and saw a 3 year old game that still cost over five thousand dollars! What the frickin hell is THAT all about?! This isn't that stores only crime as i've seen games in there costing over eight thousand dollars now lets just calculate that shall we in "the real world games cost 60US added tax and it comes to 65US now multiply that by the current rate of exchange and tell me what you get...hrmmm lets seee here....carry the one add the 2 and hrmmmm....5,200Dollars folks!! and your telling me you put a mark up of 3 thousand dollars on it? I know they do it cuz gaming is getting popular and some unknowing jackass will have the money to buy it..BUT COME ON MAN!
The most my conscience is willing to deal with is if i paid and extra say 1500 and no more cuz yes you gotta make your profit and what not but don't carry to the extreme cuz you know some of us don't have the option of getting it any other way. Now with the wave of technology you've now got stores that allow you to use their credit cards to buy what you want at get it here for you at a nominal fee. Like Global and Mailpac but when you really check them out its really not worth it folks... REALLY, I used to deal with them but now i just relegate myself to asking friends or family i know to get my stuff abroad.
Now this is just my personal opinion others who read this can have their own, but remember THIS IS MINE! If you don't like it read another blog...places i avoid whenever i'm considering a game are as follows,
Innovative systems
Watts new
That's about it anywhere else you go the prices are fairly reasonable and these places are:
Computer Royale
Str8 Games (you can also trade here, that heps in decreasing the cost)

Give you a comparison tale i went to Watts new and saw Eye of Judgement game which came bundled with the Playstation eye camera and the price was $7,800 plus tax. I said to myself "Hrmm maybe cuz its bundled with the camera it costs this much." and i thought it was reasonable. Then i had the HEART-A-CLAPSE when i went to Computer Royale and saw said game for guess how much? $6,500 FLAT!! now do you see the savings and big blousecup difference in the price...yeeeeeeeeah....Wattz New wha dat?!!
Anyway i know gaming is an expensive hobby and i know businesses are trying to capitalize on how big of an industry it is becoming and how popular. Back in the day you'd have never seen electronic stores carrying alot of nintendos, but now all of em have at least one Wii, X-box 360 or PS3 selling. Gaming is getting its much deserved slice of the entertainment pie and i say bring it on, is long time i wanted my hobby justified and stop being called a freak or nerd or geek just because of what i love, now i laugh at those who try to get into it and haven't a clue, ahhhhhh newbies gotta love em. Anyway STORES!! stop taking advantage of the newbies if they had half the gaming sense we veterans did they'd know you're robbing them blind and stop buying from your teifing asses and your stock would pile up on you with no where to store em so u'd end up selling em dirt cheap to get rid of em! Hey that sounds like a plan still....*writing down*
Anyway games are in the mainstream now and i'm happy...veterans educate the newbies and newbies when u see a game costing a certain amount in a store don't just buy it, do ur homework and see how much it costs in the real world then ask yourself is the price justifiable.

Gash out :P


SnipingMizzy said...

With the fact that gaming stores in Jamaica have to pay the import costs as well as customs fees, then the price probably is reasonable.

Eve Mann said...

U know its bullshit about the whole "import cost and customs fees" that’s what they all use to keep the unwashed masses pacified in hopes that we feel sorry for them butt raping us without lube just because we are on the “periphery”. Which in my opinion we are not. And Gash I’d take the Nerd title any day over knuckle dragging moron that who thinks RPG means something you plug into your computer.

sirius_trader said...

NO NO NO...there is no such thing as reasonable pricing in Jamaica, not in black man stores. Negash can verify this story, cause when I check the price of one, note ONE(1) game out here, versus the price of three, yes THREE (3) games, that I bought online, PLUS the cost it takes to clear the 3 games, it all adds up to one game bought out here.
It getting harder now, cause I could buy 4 games oversees for the price of one out here, now is down to 2 games...sigh

Eve Mann said...
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Eve Mann said...

Yes to ratid and you ever notice that them never have any really good games just crap that "popular". Not to mention the ppl who sell that ratid. They know nothing about the games that actually out there you cant have conversations with them, jeezzz, Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne, Metal Arms, Katamari Damacy, Alien Hominid might as well you tell them to go suck dem mother at least you’d get somewhere.